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Sonopull, DATEC Voice Trap Controllers and radio senders
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Prices for year 2020

The prices indicated above are in euros and without VAT, from Tours (France). Shipment fees are not included (for shipment inside Europe, fees vary from 40 up to 100 euros).
NB: for microphones, cables are not provided. Standard small electric cable (1mm) can be used (shipment of cables is possible but up the price of shipment).

All Materials manages two languages : French and English; and a third is possible but not yet translated.

Voice trap controller DATEC

All disciplines, Up to 15 machines :
All trenchs, skeet, compacks...
Automatic No-bird with limit.

For full installation :
  • 1. A voice trap controller FULL Fitasc1 500.00€ ht
  • 2. A junction box155.00€ ht
  • Option 1 : Radio transmitter58.00€ ht
  • Option 2 : Internal smart card reader63.00€ ht
  • Option 3 : Videos and lamps (all inclusive)142.00€ ht
  • Option 4 : Referee box with cable100.00€ ht
  • TOTAL with all inclusive options:2 018.00€ ht

  • 3. The set of 5 microphones without stand150.00€ ht
  • 3. The set of 5 microphones with micro, stand and light 565.00€ ht

For a basic installation: ABT, DTL, UT, OT
  • 1. A basic voice trap controller in wire mode1 300.00€ ht
  • 2. A junction box155.00€ ht
  • 3. The set of 5 microphones without stand140.00€ ht
  • TOTAL :1 595.00€ ht

IMPORTANT NB : 40 official programs are included for the Compack Sporting. (older or new rules) The Compack programs software can be downloaded for free. This option is not indispensable because the controller already contains 40 compacks with 6 launchers, but it enables you to modify the order of launchings as desired and more quickly than necessary to launch the PC.

Controller with ALL mike open

Compatible with all launchers and works with the launcher's 12v.

Version with launcher selection for Universal Trench

For an ABT, DTL layout:
  • 1. A controller box550.00€ ht
  • 3. Five micros including cables, plugs and foot450.00€ ht
  • TOTAL :1000.00€ ht

Le materiel est prêt a être utilisé des reception.

For an economic ABT, DTL installation:
  • 1. A controller box550.00€ ht
  • 3. Five micros only.150.00€ ht
  • 2. Junctions: five Males and one Female56.00€ ht
  • TOTAL :756.00€ ht

NOTE IMPORTANTE : You must use cables VVF 0.75 with 2 cables for all miccrophones and a cable VVF 1mm 3 or 4G for the launcher.

  • DATEC Version with launcher selector:550.00€ ht

Connect this box on place of your DATEC to use all micros open and choice your launcher with the button to work.

Very usefull for training or new shooters.

Radio modules

Up to 64 channels 8 machines with increase or decrease mode.

Long range transmitter :

  • Remote control400.00€ ht
    • Option : Card reader50.00€ ht
    • Modes : Increase, Decrease, SKEET, FLUSH Include

Radio receiver 1 machine :

  • AM receiver (JPB) with boxes an cables100.00€ ht
  • AM receiver (JPB) card alone58.00€ ht
  • RFM receiver with boxes an cables95.00€ ht
  • RFM receiver card alone55.00€ ht

Radio receiver 8 machines :

  • AM receiver (JPB) with boxes an cables (from 1 to 8 machines)138.00€ ht

Payment module

Cards loaders :

  • Autonomous loader450.00€ ht
  • USB Cards reader with software120.00€ ht
  • USB Cards reader alone51.50€ ht

Cards :

  • MiFARE cards without contact (pack of 50)170.00€ ht
  • Cards (SLE) with contact (pack of 50)170.00€ ht

Additional Information

  • Hourly repair rate51.50€ ht
  • Minimum transport costs25.00€ ht